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Rurouni Kenshin Fanfic Challenge


RuroKen Fanfiction Challenge
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***RK_Challenge is up and running once again!!!***

This is a Rurouni Kenshin fanfiction challenge community. Whether you write Rurouni Kenshin fanfiction yourself, or would just like to browse through and vote for your favorites, you can and still should join. Only members can participate in the challenges, so join!

Rurouni Kenshin Websites of Interest:

Monthly Contest

On the first of each month, a special theme (or various) will be given. Community members will submit fanfiction related to the given theme, and at the end of the month the fanfiction will be voted on. 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners will be assigned once the voting ends, and receive banners soon thereafter.

1. Each member may submit only one fanfic per theme, unless there is a writer frenzy. In this case multiple entries are allowed and encouraged.
2. All fanfiction must be related to Rurouni Kenshin.
3. All fanfiction ratings are accepted. However, if your entry is rated M, pleased use the appropriated markings.
4.Do not criticize others' stories, unless such criticism is constructive.
5. Submitted fanfiction must be no more than a month old, or as old as the challenge submission post (if the deadline has been extended). Please write your story fresh and specifically for the contest.
6. You may vote for your own story, as long as you truly think it's the best one.
If you need any clarification of these rules, please contact me and ask!

On the first evening of the month (or thereabouts), jenineji will post a theme for the month in the community. Fanfiction related to the theme may be submitted (by posting in the community) from that time on, up until the last day of the month. Your submission should contain the following information:

In post subjectline: Challenge #() - "Title of your fic"
In body of post:
Rating -

(If you ever have a problem with your submission, please e-mail me and let me know ASAP so I can help you!)

Voting will take place during the first week of each month. jenineji will post a "voting post" the first day of the month, after all fanfiction has been submitted, which will have links to each fanfic. Members of the community will comment on the post, with the three fanfics they like the best, in order of preference. Your first choice will recieve three points, your second choice two, and your third choice one. Comments will be screened so your vote will not be seen by anyone other than jenineji and yourself.

Results will be posted at the end of that week (Friday or Saturday, usually).

Voting times:
First day of the month - Tenth day of the month

Week 01 : Drabble - Friendship : sin_and_repent - Infinite Skies
Week 02 : History : zig_zag123 - My Son
Week 01 [TBA]:
Week 01 [TBA]:

(A note on winner banners: We could use someone decent in photoshop of some kind to make banners, as we don't have anyone making banners at the moment.)

(Another note on winner banners... please upload them to your own server to link. Thanks!)

In the spirit of making things fair for everyone, a Hall of Fame has been instituted. If anyone wins first place at rk_challenge in three consecutive challenges, they will be placed on in the Hall of Fame, recieve a special 'Hall of Fame' banner, and will be unable to participate in contests at rk_challenge for the next challenge. After that, they will once again be able to participate.

The following winners are in the Hall of Fame, with the dates of non-participation (for maximum clarity).

[Unknown LJ tag] ()

rk_awards rk_icons rurouni_fic fanfic_bakeoff rk_fans

Please direct all questions, comments, and suggestions to jenineji.

Thanks so much for becoming a part of this community, and good luck with your stories! I look forward to reading them!